How To Earn Money From Facebook Ads and Get Paid 100%

How To Earn Money From Facebook Ads and Get Paid 100%


Hello to everyone, today we will tell you what is Facebook ads, and how to get paid to post ads on Facebook and How To Earn Money From Facebook Ads. So let’s start today’s blog and know why Facebook ads are so important for your business and many other things also. You people sometimes wonder if Facebook ads work well or not, or sometimes people think like can I earn money from Facebook ads. So yes I am here for you to guide you and I will tell you that it works very well and you can make money with Facebook ads.

How To Earn Money From Facebook Ads
Introduction To Facebook Ads

Facebook advertisement helps you in converting social media users into your users because they can easily reach the right people. let me tell you how it all happens.

If you have ever used Facebook before, then I can say with a claim that you must have seen an advertisement and then you were like it is just made for me only. And you know that you see many pages like music, shopping and sports etc in a day. And then you see an advertisement which is the focus on business.

When you or anyone else creates their profile on Facebook, then they give their valuable data on the Facebook platform, right I hope you are getting this.

After that marketers look at your Facebook profile and they create an advertising campaign according to it. Now imagine for yourself what you can do with your business and how much money you can make with the help of Facebook ads, so many possibilities. In this blog post, I will tell you about what strategies you can use as a beginner and how you can post ads on Facebook and make money by getting paid.


As you all know, there are so many different products to accomplish one thing in this world that focus on just one single thing or product. That is why a social media platform like Facebook should help you stand apart from these other things.

How To Earn Money From Facebook Ads

Facebook ads provide you where you can promote your promotions and add new feeds about your product to your targeted audience. Now think for yourself that Facebook advertising is such a good platform for you and others that gives an opportunity to the new businessmen to master their business well and make money.


Now I will tell you some reasons to advertise on Facebook, which is a very great idea.

How To Earn Money From Facebook Ads
Earn Money By Advertising On Facebook

1. As you all know and if you do not know, let me tell you now that a lot of people spend a lot of their time in Facebook, that means they do not know the power of Facebook advertisement right now. They just keep scrolling. So this is a very good chance for you to do Facebook ads and take your business to great heights and get paid by posting ads on Facebook.

2. Here you can find your perfect audience which matches or which is relevant well with your product or niche.

3. I will tell you that here you will have to invest very little money and you will get very good results and by investing less money, you can reach a lot of people. And from that, you can make money with Facebook ads and get paid to post ads on Facebook.

How To Earn Money From Facebook Ads

4. Personally, I will suggest you that you can easily increase your brand awareness on Facebook.

6. It also helps you that you can target your Existing audience again and take advantage of them.

7. Facebook ads help you to increase your revenue, your sales and your leads etc.

8. Facebook ads also offer you many different ways that you can easily advertise your product such as video ads, slide show ads, collection ads, multi-product ads and single images ads and many more.

How To Earn Money From Facebook Ads
Get Paid By Posting Ads On Facebook


How to make money from Facebook Ads ? or how to earn money from Facebook Ads? Many questions come to mind and they wonder whether I can earn money right in Facebook ads or not.

So the answer is ” YES “ of course you can earn a lot from Facebook ads make money with Facebook ads. You can earn money because Facebook ads are what you can earn money from. Because Facebook advertisement allows your potential customers to visit on your website, on your Instagram, on your business page and a lot of pages. That means your potential customer’s Redirects to many of your pages which gives you a lot of benefits.

Now you will talk about how Facebook ads can give us a benefit right !! Now you think carefully, that if your potential customers who were coming to your website will turn into your leads through Facebook ads then your rate of conversion will increase. So in this way, Facebook advertisement helps you to get your leads. Which help you to post ads on Facebook and get paid.

Now it is also possible that the conversion rate of your leads totally depends on the quality of your website, how you have displayed your website, what kind of content you are putting on that website for your customers. And what kind of product description are you giving or what kind of images and videos you are using and many more things.

How To Earn Money From Facebook Ads
Making Money With Facebook Ads

One thing you have to understand is that Facebook advertising is not a direct source of income because Facebook advertising is an indirect source of income. So that you can earn money from Facebook ads and you can make money from Facebook ads as well by having lead generation. One thing you have to Keep in mind that your conversion depends on how effective your product advertisement is.

Facebook ads work better for businesses that use Facebook advertising on a daily basis. Because if you post your product advertisement daily on Facebook, then your benefit will be that your Facebook advertisement will reach more and more people. And after that, they will see more and more of your advertisement.


Which help you target your consumers’ mind by posting regularly. And with regular Facebook advertising, you will be able to increase your return on investment (ROI), which will be very beneficial for you from which you can earn money from Facebook Ads and get paid.

Since Facebook ads is an indirect medium of earning money, so, first of all, you have to invest a small amount of money in the advertising campaign. And after that, your ads will be advertised on Facebook and from then onwards you will get paid by posting ads on Facebook.

Now if you or Anyone will invest money for a single day, then the ads will give you as much return as you have invested money. Now it depends on your budget that how much you can invest.

Nowadays, professionals and marketers do invest money, but they do not see that we should put more efforts. Because TO BE HONEST they will not get benefit only by investing money, they also have to design their ads properly and craft it properly. Because of which their potential customer is easily converted to their advertisements within no time when they see their ads and the SAME GOES FOR YOU.

” FEEL” ” FELT ” and ” FOUND ” Special Method

See if you think that you will be start advertising about any topic from Facebook ads and you will get a good result, then let me tell you in advance that you think absolutely wrong. Facebook ads do not mean that you can talk about anything and start advertising.

A lot of people make the same mistake and they are not able to earn money or say that they cannot make money from Facebook ads. But now I have a SPECIAL METHOD to avoid this thing, which will definitely help you out and other advertising marketers also. And here is the key for you to get success in Facebook ads “FEEL” “FELT” and “FOUND” Method.

“FEEL” “FELT” and “FOUND” Method

Now you guys must be thinking what new thing has he told us, “FEEL” “FELT” and “FOUND” what it is, we do not understand but you don’t have to worry at all because I am sitting here to tell you all those things. From which you can earn money from Facebook ads. This method is very important for you if you wanna advertise on Facebook ads So read carefully and understand the concept of it
Now Let me tell you what this Special Method means and how you can use this to Make Money from Facebook ads

1.FEEL: If you want to get your clients converted as soon as possible within no time. Then, you have to keep one thing in your mind that you have to understand your client’s needs that what they want to see and what they like to see. Similarly, you have to understand what he is feeling about and what he wants to see, seeing all these things, you will have to provide him with an ad.

Which will convert him immediately and your conversion rate will increase fast. With the help of this thing, you can earn money from Facebook ads and get paid for Facebook ads.

2. FELT: Another very important thing is that you have to show your client that you feel the same as he does or shows that you are interested in the same things that he is interested in. That’s why you have shown him that Facebook advertisement. This will attract him to your Facebook advertisement.

3. FOUND: Now all you have to do in this is that you have to display that you have found the solution to your client’s problem. And before that, you have to go to the root of his problem and find a solution for it and make him feel that this thing also worked for me also. So, I want you to use the same thing because this is the solution.


Because of this Special M, your client will have trust in you and it will quickly convert to your advertisement. Which will help you to increase your rate of conversion which is very beneficial for you. From this only, you can get paid to post ads on Facebook and you make money placing ads on Facebook.

Now I have told you all the ways from which you can make a very good advertisement. These 3 Special methods are very important for your targeted customers or clients in Facebook advertising. Whoever followed these steps then His rate of conversion will increase very quickly and he will get a very good benefit.

And if anyone misses any of these steps, then he will not be able to convert his clients or customers so well, So I will say to all of you that all these steps are good to Follow and you have to understand it very well. So that when you create a Facebook advertisement and from that, you can easily get paid to post ads on Facebook and make money placing ads on Facebook.

Because you are providing your customer with a quality advertisement. And because of that your conversion will become very high, this thing has also worked for me and I have also earned a lot of money from this thing and that is why I just wanna share this thing and method with all of you in this blog post.



Make Money Posting Ads On Facebook
  1. 1. Facebook is the largest social media platform in today’s era, so think of it that how beneficial it will be for you.

  2. Facebook is a very new way of social media and hence the craze of Facebook is very much among the people.

  3. If we look at the number of people, then Facebook has the largest number of people connected to it and it is about 2 billion peoples.

  4. As we all know Facebook is the campaign of ads, it is very much worth the money and more effective because those people follow the interactive format and can reach more and more people.

  5. Business can also be run on the same platform, just for that, you need to have a business page.

  6. As you all know, Facebook ads are a new tool in social media and due to this, the craze of Facebook is very high among people, it is a very easy way to take your business to the heights. And from that, you can easily earn money by advertising on Facebook.

  7. Facebook is a platform that gives you a chance to create your brand image in the eyes of people and allows your ads to run in people’s minds by posting ads again and again. Then only you can get paid to post ads on Facebook.

  8. With these Facebook advertisements, you can choose and customize your target audience.

  9. The Facebook campaign is a very special thing in that you can track your performance or the performance of your ads whether you are doing it right or you are mistaking somewhere. Then you can improve your ads to make more money out of it and you can track this all by yourself only.

  10. For those who have a low-cost budget, Facebook has provided the facility of the ” SPLIT TEST CAMPAIGN “, with the help of this you can make a set of multiple ads and test them against each other, with the help of this you will know that Which strategy is giving you the best results.

  11. Facebook provides you with another very good facility that you can choose the format of Facebook advertisement that suits your business the most.


Most of the people who come to me often ask me that Joshua, How Much Should I Spend on Facebook ads or How Much Should I Budget for Facebook ads. And there are some people who are already running their Facebook Advertisement Campaign. But they are not able to get the result of the way in which they want the result.

Those who are reading this blog may find it very familiar to listen or to read. Because the same thing happens to them also. That they do not get the results they want and they blame their budget. BUT THIS IS NOT THE CASE AT ALL.


It is a very good question that how much should I spend on Facebook Ads? Many people who are beginners get demotivated thinking that we will have to invest a lot of money on Facebook advertisement first only then we will get the return of benefit. But Facebook has never said that you have to spend a certain amount of money only after that you can do the advertisements and earn money from Facebook ads.

Facebook has a very good quality that it does not see that you have a very low budget because even if you have a very low budget, you can still get a lot of return of benefit from your Facebook advertisements. Even if you spend only $ 1 a day on your advertisement, so you can still raise your scale as far as you want and make money posting ads on Facebook.

Now see friends, your budget depends entirely on you, that how much budget you can Afford.

As I have said earlier that if you want to advertise your advertisement on Facebook, then its budget totally depends on you.

Now there are many people who invest a lot of money on Facebook advertising but they do not get that much effect or benefit. Now you will ask that they had invested a lot of money, so why did they not get the benefit. So my answer is Why would they get the benefit because investing money does not become everything, you will have to apply Efforts on your behalf as well.

If you want an effective rate of benefit, then you have to pay attention to your strategy before making Facebook advertisement and you have to focus on your targeted audience and make the advertisement. So that your conversion will grow very fast if you have a low budget too. But before that, you have to make a plan, a strategy, and your advertisement should relevant to your product. So you can increase your scale very quickly as far as you want to make money from Facebook ads.

So friends, let’s end this blog here and I hope that you have received help from this blog and you have got answers to all the questions you had, I told you all these things because it was my personal experience and I would be very happy to know that if you have a little help from this blog, then I would like it very much if you liked this blog, then please comment and tell me. If you have any other questions, then you can definitely ask by commenting in the comment box. And thank you so much for your precious time.

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